Saturday, 26 February 2011

Dirt Racer (SNES)

Not the most beautiful of title screens. It looks just as bad in motion.

Those graphics seem pretty alright for a SNES, I think. It moves just fast enough to be playable too. That smiley face in the top right corner is an indicator of whether you're in the lead.

Oh wow, these cars control so bad. You turn a little too hard and you're spinning around helplessly or flying through the air.

This is not a controlled powerslide. C'mon, I don't want to be sideways! What's up with that green coming off the wheels anyway? Are we racing through a toxic waste dump?

YES, haha! I've escaped the track! I've turned a losing race into a break for freedom, now lets see what's out there in the wilderness. Oh damn, I escaped to the INSIDE of the track... a prison within a prison.

Hello player two, I see you're spinning wildly out of control today too. Well, I can't stop to chat, so long!

Now I know that the computer player suffers from the lack of grip as much and as often as I do, I attack the race with renewed enthusiasm. I can WIN this race, I'm sure of it!


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