Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Chameleon Kid (Genesis/Mega Drive)

Yes, at last! This looks like another terrible game to finally break up the monotony of competently made software.

Yeah, I think we're in luck here.

Wow, seems like tree trunks were the artist's strong point as well. This does not look like a Mega Drive game.

We're playing as 'Cool 90s Kid', haven't seen him in a while. Yeah, this seems like a standard Mario clone so far. Headbutt blocks, collect stuff out of them, jump on enemies etc.

This is nice, you get different clothes which give you different abilities.

This guy is supposed to be a knight I guess.

His ability is to look funny while walking down hills.

Now I am a samurai! Taste cold steel, not-turtle. I'm still able to jump on enemies in this costume, but with these low cave ceilings it seemed safer to stab him.

Also, that cave background looks even worse than the rest of the art.

PLOT TWIST! It was all in a Star Trek Holodeck. I think they were trying to mention something about this in the intro that I skipped, but I skipped it.

Now I am GUYVER-RHINO. Wait a minute, these graphics are much better than on level one.

Okay, second plot twist: this game actually plays like a pretty good Mario clone. And some of the animation is slick enough to distract from the terrible looking backgrounds. Like the cute lil' dragon stomping around and breathing fire in that earlier screenshot. I think I like the game.

But I got stuck here, so onto the next game.

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