Friday, 4 February 2011

Landstalker (Genesis/Mega Drive)

And now, Landstalker!

I think they're talking about the fairy. They want her because she knows the way to treasure! Or something.

Hahaha, he's called Nigel! Not that there's anything wrong with that. The two of them elude their pursuers and team up to grab the treasure for themselves.

Hey, I'm on a bird. I like the pixel art here, the bird's even wearing goggles.

Still on the intro. Still.


Okay, I can finally control my character! It seems that pressing up makes me go up.

And down makes me go down, glad to see that's all in order.

And pressing left makes me go up...

And right makes me go down? Okay let's try this again. Up makes me go up...


Oh, okay apparently you just hold the d-pad at diagonals to move around.


But anyway, I continue looking for treasure undeterred! If only because I'm scared that if I head back outside I might accidentally wander back into the intro again. And there is indeed treasure to be found here! An extra hit point, 5 golds, 5 more golds...

Hey, I found a raft! Wait, why I can't move?! Where are we going? Why is it taking so long to get there? Also why can't I move?


Fortunately I was rescued by a tribe of kind furries, who heal me back to health.

They have a dog and a chicken and a big statue of a wolfman, but I can't stay here abusing their hospitality. Adventure beckons, and I'm determined to find at least one enemy to hack with my sword before I quit.

That's MY line, bitch. Seems like the bridge is out. I overheard someone shouting something about someone needing to tell the village chief about this crisis, but that just made me run faster in the opposite direction.

YES! I did it. I found my first opponent. A bubble. A few well aimed swipes of my trusty sword soon put an end to that cur, and I am free to proceed. With my goal finally completed, I dive off the rocks into a cave of bubbles, and let them eat Nigel alive.

There was no game over screen.

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