Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Addams Family Values (Genesis/Mega Drive)

Look how slick and shiny that looks. It's nice to come across a game with good production values once in a while.

AGH HIS EYES. His beady little eyes. That is our hero for the game apparently, Christopher Lloyd.

The irony is... nevermind.

I'm not a fan of those trees.

At last I get my journal from my brother, the awesome Raul Julia, and head into the deep dark dungeons. I guess those things up there are sinister, yet lazy, plant monsters. And those things down there are sinister and lazy teleporters. For when adding a door is too much work.
Oh wow, the journal is a map! Imagine my surprise and delight to find this out (after a short delay while it came up). Now imagine it twenty more times after I keep accidentally pressing the B button and bringing it up.

Oh crap, a non-lazy plant monster! At first I attempt to out-manoeuvre him and chip away at his health with a series of well timed hit and fade attacks. Then I remember I hate boss fights and just stand right next to him hammering the attack button until he explodes. Then I press the brick... which opens a door somewhere!

Where the door is, is a secret! You have to go looking for it.


I found it, lets see what this new area looks like!

It looks pretty much like the start. But hey, I don't remember those small bushes in the first area. And they scuttle around everywhere, how cute!

Aww, one just ran into me.

Son of a bitch! Evil little bush.

Next game.

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