Saturday, 5 February 2011

Light Crusader (Genesis/Mega Drive)

You can find my second look at the game here instead: Light Crusader (Genesis/Mega Drive) - Replay.

Well at least it's not another light gun game. Probably.

....yeah, whatever, no one cares.

This intro goes on forever, and they pause after each scene to show off some game credits.

 But hey, bonus points for that horse animation.

Is that some kind of tactical grid for the combat system? Oh no, I think it's just the carpet. Finally we enter the throne room of King Whedon... sorry, Weeden, who apparently wants to tell us a story. I'm too distracted watching the hero bounce up and down like he needs a piss to pay attention though.

There's something weird about the palette used for this art I think. It gives the game a pretty unusual look.

But anyway, I must continue my search for an exit to this palace. It is deeply boring and I want to find something to test my sword on.

Oh wow, you can push people by walking into them. Into the pub with you! You must go into the pub, I demand it!

Fine, it seems that he really doesn't want to go into the pub.

Meanwhile, on Mars. Oh wait, these are just the fields outside the town.

AHA, a secret passage! Don't think I didn't see you there. OPEN I SAY!

Whatever, let us continue onwards on our quest!

Hey that's nice water... but wait! A dead end? But this is the only road out of town! Whatever shall I do now?

I know, I shall ask around. Surely one of these peasants knows where I may find a quest.

Aha! I know now what I must do.

All your cows are now mine, my work here is done and I can move on.

To the next game!


  1. You were supposed to push the gravestone and enter the first temple lol.

    Review Killer7 for GC plz.

    I <3 u ray

    1. I'm sure it's inevitable Killer7 will end up on the site somehow... someday.

      But it won't be any time soon, sorry.


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