Friday, 4 February 2011

Goofy's Hysterical History Tour (Genesis/Mega Drive)

I really hope I don't like this game.

No one cares.

Another platformer! And I'm in a forest level, that's a bit of a shock! Even in a game apparently set in a museum you start in a forest level. He's a bit sluggish to control, but it's slick enough. I've got limited things to throw and a grappling hand that grapples this box!

And perhaps other boxes too, I was never able to determine for sure.

Jumping on enemies seems to be more trouble that it's worth. They take a lot of hits to kill, and each jump is an opportunity for you to slip and take damage. Best to avoid them I think. Best to avoid this whole game just to be certain.

I just made it, diving from a series of tiny jumps between a series of tiny boxes that explode behind you. It wasn't the greatest challenge in gaming history I admit, but it made me notice how many bottomless pits there are in this. Going up higher into the trees looking for treasure is risky, because there's no way to be sure if you jump off the high ledge that there's gonna be a low ledge to land on.

I have to admit, enemies do have a lot of personality in this. Enemy mushrooms take off their hats and throw them, little dragonflies are just so gosh darned happy to take you somewhere (in this case directly into an enemy mushroom).

Falling to the ground, or falling to his death? Find out at the end of this post!

Oh he's bending over and waving goodbye between his legs. It's like he doesn't even understand that he's failed. Failed himself, failed whoever gave him something to do in the intro, and more importantly failed the dragonflies. They were SO DAMN HAPPY taking him places, and now he'll never have anywhere to go ever again.

Oh and yeah he was falling to his death in that screenshot above. Hooray for bottomless pits.

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