Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Eternal Champions (Genesis/Mega Drive)

Right away it seems likely that this is going to be a crap game. But you know, those designs don't seem THAT bad for comic book style characters.

Except that the turban guy is wearing shorts.

I'd be willing to pass the way this looks off as a limitation of the hardware, but these last few games makes me think the Mega Drive's got a little more potential in it than this.

Ugh. What's up with those graphics? Why is there so much purple around, is my game glitching?

Nope, according to IGN that's how it's supposed to look.

But on the other hand, the animation isn't THAT bad.

When I say that this isn't the worst fighting game I've played, please understand that I've played a LOT of them. I've played Human Killing Machine, Dangerous Streets and Rise of the Robots. On the scale of fighting games, this would not rate highly.

I can still bring it back from this. I just have to figure out how to... hit the other character. Plus it's only the first round.

HAH, you see that! I got a couple of hits in before the end. Of round two.

Next game.


  1. This game should be in the category "music gets stuck in your head".

    1. This post of mine should be in the category "trash".

      I honestly can't remember the music at all. If it was any good I guess I just didn't play it long enough for it to sink in.

  2. You should definitely consider giving the CD sequel to this game a shot. I can't go so far as to say it's good, but it's definitely better. Plus, it may have the best fatalities ever.

    Such as those seen at:

    Probably literally the most violent game released for a console as of when it came out, but never popular enough to warrant a witch hunt. Not for lack of trying, though- there's a secret character that's quite clearly based on American Senator Joe Lieberman.

    1. I might give it a try as it does look interesting, but to be honest I've been avoiding playing fighting games for the site as I'm a bit crap at them and I struggle to find anything to say about them.

      Wait, that wasn't quite honest enough. I'm fucking TERRIBLE at fighting games and I'm too dumb to pick up on the myriad subtleties that fans of the genre would find interesting to read about, so my post would just end up as 'I punched the guy but the guy punched me back and I fell over and I lost.' A lot like this post in fact!

      Though on the other hand, I could make SO MANY animated gifs out of those fatalities...

    2. Honestly, that's probably the best service you could give it. Most of the best things in that game can be experienced far less tediously via simply watching them on Youtube, but gif would be even better.

      If you don't do it, I just might have to. It wouldn't be as fun as seeing your commentary on them, though.

  3. The Angry Internet19 June 2015 at 01:16

    Online screenshots of this game look bad because its dithering effects assumed you'd be playing it on an old-school CRT via RF or component, not on a fancy progressive display with RGB support. It even looks bad through S-Video.

  4. This game simply bad and boring, it was a Street Fighter (flat colorful 2D animated models) and Mortal Kombat (finishing death moves) wanna be. The 16-bit Genesis didn't help this game, the animation was god awful, it's game play is lacking, hardly any moves, and character movement was limited to 2 frames or less.

    The music was crap, it sounded like it came from a home version of a musical keyboard, and they obviously spent more time on the overkills scenes than on the game itself. Eternal Champions: Challenge from the Dark Side and a Sega DC version made no improves at all, they just added in more useless characters, intros, endings and that's it...

    The costume these characters wear look as if they came from Malibu, Valiant, Image or WildStorm comics and that's not a compliment at all. Those comic book companies had artist that were known for coming up with the most idiotic costume designs ever. No thought was put into them and they all end up being laughable and forgettable.


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