Sunday, 6 February 2011

The Punisher (Arcade) - Guest Post

Guest post by Nintondo Man.

I predict punishing.

Take your pick: Solid Snake or Pirate Haggar.

So the game starts you out in some crappy bar with money bags everywhere. If this games all about looting I'm looking forward to it already WAIT who the heck is this bloke.


Dealing with nooblord trying to impede on my looting territory with a swift knee to the nads. Brings me back to my WoW days.

One-shot double kill. Brings my back to my UT days.

Early example of shameless Capcom cross-promotion.

Peckham Punisher now boarding the Magic School Bus.

I'm really bad at these beat em up things and don't particularly like them in the first place so I'm surprised I even made it as far as this bloke who is apparently the first boss. If he wasn't already annoying enough you also have to deal with these street thug dudes that inexplicably carry around the random assortment of weaponry as seen here. My main man The Punisher getting a closer look at the boss provided no clue on how to beat him.

Took me only like 3 minutes to get dead. Shameful.

Now that was one Super Adventure in Gaming I'd rather not repeat !!


  1. I'm calling nintondo man's manliness into question.

  2. how to download this game (the punisher)


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