Monday, 28 February 2011

Danger Freak (Amiga)

I've been asked why in my first post, Square one, I showed three title screens and then never showed anything from in game. And the reason is because it never even occurred to me at the time to screenshot anything else from them. They looked pretty bad and I didn't play them long.

But apparently people are curious now, they want to see the games! So here's the first of them:

All this and more might possibly be happening in this game!

That's a trippy title screen, everything moving. Oh wow, Chris Huelsbeck did the music? I wouldn't have guessed from this title music to be honest. It's definitely not Turrican quality.

Hmm, I don't know if I dare. I guess I might as well.

Okay it's a side scrolling action game, I've got to dodge the obstacles and apparently do something to earn cash while I'm at it.

Driving through barriers apparently isn't the way to earn cash. But I don't know how to dodge them! The joystick moves me around on the level and the fire button apparently does nothing.

Doing jumps seems easy enough, I just hit the ramp. But it's still not earning me any cash. Oh SHIT is that guy going to shoot me? No it looks like he's just waving a pipe at me.

For a moment I was worried something interesting was going to happen.

Wow, I didn't hit that one so well. I wonder what the deal with the 'cuts' counter is. I seem to have reached 7, but it's got nothing to do with health or lives because that counter's right next to it on the right.

But... what? What did I do wrong? The production got too expensive? How is that even my fault, I'm just the guy riding the bike and I've got plenty of health left so I can't be doing that badly.

Okay, onto my second life and I've figured out how to duck! I have to hold fire and down on the joystick. And I got some cash for it too!

Pulling up and fire to do a wheelie before hitting a ramp seems to give me a longer jump, but now I have to land and duck before I hit the...

Son of a bitch. At least I have cash this time.

Okay, this is my last chance. Dodging these explosions is no real problem.

Oh crap I think I clipped the edge of the crack. Damn cuts 7 again, how does that keep going up so fast? I honestly don't remember hitting 7 things.

Next time? My dear poor deluded game, there isn't going to be a next time.

Next game more like.

Click to read about the second game from the post, Hawkeye.

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