Friday, 18 February 2011

Skitchin' (Genesis/Mega Drive)

I loved the 90s.

Bright fluorescent colours look cool dammit. My character in this shall be known as Rad Air, an ex-Quad Bike racer looking for a change of scenery.

I like spending other people's money. Sorry Rad Air, your hard earned cash is all getting spent on crap from the back of this guy's truck.

The game thoughtfully comes with a CD player, so I can listen to the game tunes without the hassle of playing the game. To be honest, I kind of like the music.

That's a pretty well pixelled cityscape. Simple, but it does the job. Apparently Vancouver exists in a black void.

Dude... you've got a fish sticking through your head. Seriously man, I'm not joking! Check a mirror! Also straighten your hat while you're there, you look a mess.

The race begins. I guess everyone else started before me or something. Nevermind, I'll catch up. The sky seems to be falling apart a bit there, maybe that's normal for Vancouver I dunno.

They don't call me Rad Air for nonsensical arbitrary reasons you know! It's lucky you can jump so high, because this game has traffic and it's not a good idea to get hit by it.

Or else you get flung helplessly into the air, and dropped onto the roadside to roll to a stop. It's painful and humiliating, and worse it wastes time!

Cars are better used to skitch a ride, and get a speed boost. You can also punch competitors while holding on. Or you can lean too far off the side and watch your dude lose his balance and go hurtling into the road.

Aha, my enemies! I caught them at last. This race is as good as mine. I just need to make sure I stay clear of that traffic coming up behind me.

... owwwwww.

Son of a bitch! Seems that I crossed the finished line sliding on my ass.

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