Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Beauty and the Beast - Belle's Quest (Genesis/Mega Drive)

Oh wow, way to spoil the whole story in the title screen! Now everyone knows that the Beast eventually dances with Belle.

This may possibly be the most manly game I've played yet.

Configure a duck, ahahahahhahaha! Sorry, I'm tired.

Also, that picture reminds me of Cannon Fodder for some reason...

And now we start our adventures in... wait, that doesn't actually look so bad! And the character has great animation. I guess we follow the sign and head right to 'Village' then.

 Ow! Son of a BITCH. That bird just dive bombed me. What the hell?

At last we reach Village, and the song starts to play. Fortunately there's no singing. If this guy catches up to you, he drags Gaston over to say a few lines from the movie.

Or maybe they're not lines from the movie, I wouldn't know. Whatever, if you continue through the village you walk past people from the movie standing around, sometimes doing stuff. Birds fly overhead, none violent. It's all very well animated and presented.

Ah, the famous quicksand scene from the film. It seems like you can stand around in it forever, you never sink any lower than your ankles.

 AHA! OWNED. Bird, you just got owned! Configuring a duck ain't so funny NOW is it?

Wait, what? That's it? I can't go any further? Screw this game!

I'm going to find me a new game to play.

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