Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Fantasia (Genesis/Mega Drive)

Yeah it really does look that blurred.

 Very magical.

Okay, from this point on I want you to imagine the Sorcerer's Apprentice music playing on repeat. Constantly.

It's like bad art disguised as good art. At first it just looks a bit strange, but then you look closer and realise 'hey wait, that doesn't actually look very good. They put a big foreground object there and nice shiny shields to trick me that it did!'

It took me a while to figure out what was going on here. Mickey is stuck facing the wrong direction flapping his arms around, and my attempts to pull him away aren't working out. Then I figured it out! I'M ON THE EDGE OF A LEDGE! That wall there is all background.

Well now the foreground is obscuring both my character and the enemy, which is annoying (game design tip: don't do that). At least I don't have to do any jumping to get over there.

Whaaaaaaaat? That was background too? No, it was foreground! It tricked me! This picture was taken .3 seconds before I died from landing on an enemy. Can YOU see it?

Oh but I CAN stand on the window ledge?

Yeah, in conclusion, this game is fucking terrible. Mickey has really sluggish control, you can barely see what you're supposed to be jumping on and yes the Sorcerer's Apprentice music is still looping in the background.


  1. I bought this along with Mickey Mania (a game I'm a big fan of) but Mickey's sprite is invisible on my cartridge, making the game a billion times more unplayable.

    Great site by the way. Random page to drop a comment on but thought I'd leave one here since no-one else has yet.

    1. Dropping comments on ancient pages is fine, they still show up in the 'recent comments' box over on the right, and it's not like it makes much difference that the game's 23 years old at this point instead of 20. All that really matters is that you said nice things about my site.

      I think you had a lucky escape though, as being a billion times more unplayable probably makes the game infinitely more fun. Because you can turn it off and do something else. I actually put it on for 10 minutes before writing this, just to refresh my memory, and I managed to get to the next level this time. It wasn't any better.


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