Monday, 18 April 2011

Super Adventure Island 2 (SNES)

See! My blog doesn't have such a stupid title. It's actually very retro... and charming.

Not going to end well.

Game over.

Actually they both survived and were washed ashore to different beaches, each with amnesia. Higgins became a hero again, with no clue he was married, and Tina ended up getting married to the King. But just before the wedding was completed, a giant bird swooped down and kidnapped her. Now the King is hiring Higgins to go and find his Queen to be, who is actually Higgins' wife but doesn't know it.

I didn't make a word of that up.

The King is a little older than I was expecting.

Wow, I've got an inventory! I was not expecting that. And I can equip stuff too.

Why the hell is there an inn directly outside the King's throne room?

It's a world map! It reminds me a little of Donkey Kong Country 3, driving around in the water in my boat.

A random encounter? That never happened in DKC 3. Gotta punch these fish!

Ah, this must be the place we were meant to be going (it's a forest).

This cute little guy was going to attack me eventually, honest. Better to strike first. I can't jump on them but punching works.

I guess these blocks aren't on yet. I'll need to find a switch.

C'mon break! I found a message in a tree telling me to break you, so why won't you break?

Excellent, I've found the switch. Apparently I've got to duck on top of it to move it down. Who was this thing designed for anyway? It's over two meters off the ground and takes my entire weight to move it.
Oh shit, spikes!

Oh shit, enemies! And I have no health left.

Made it! And I found a sword. Apparently it's good for cutting rocks. Now where did I leave that bloody rock?

I backtracked, cut the rock, flooded the room, went for a swim, and ended up here. A map would be handy right now. For all I know I actually have one somewhere on that inventory screen.

These springs were a pain in the ass until I figured them out. You need to bounce on them three times to get the most powerful jump. A fourth bounce will loop back to the least powerful.

The first time I found one of these caves I thought it was useless and ignored it, but it actually replenishes your health.

The fox laughs, knowing what's waiting for me behind that door. Those are some nice looking leaves though.

EPIC TREE BATTLE! I didn't really stand a chance here at all, and quickly got my ass handed to me. And then when I chose to continue I was placed right back at the start of the level. It's a shame because I was kinda liking the game until then too.

Next game.


  1. This is an outstanding game and one that you should revisit at some point, preferably with a map. It's a well-done hybrid of RPG and platformer, something that is difficult to pull off. The game doesn't really get going until after that first area, in my opinion.

    1. I may give it another shot some day as it really didn't seem like a bad game. Some day when I'm far better at platformers I mean.


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