Sunday, 13 March 2011

Hanna Barbera's Turbo Toons (SNES)

Okay, I would have to guess Mario Kart clone. Though it wouldn't surprise me looking at those sprites if it's some kind of side view platformer racer. I played a Wacky Races game like that once, car racing in side view. But only once.

Okay I'm going to play as Top Cat, but I'll call him TC.

The... fuck?

They run so slow! And when you collide with someone else they spin around on the spot for a second, meaning that when they leave the grid they're all just spinning everywhere, it's ridiculous. This game is so... just look at it!

I dunno, maybe it comes alive in four player mode with everyone just having a laugh, but with only one player it is miserable.

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  1. Hi there

    I've been playing this game for years with my mates, and although it's pretty poor in single player, it's honestly the funniest multi-player I've ever experienced.

    You tend to spend your time trying to knock your mates off the track and it usually descends into madness.

    Great to see this game getting some coverage at long last.

    Also, great blog, you've been playing some amazing games.




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