Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Indiana Jones' Greatest Adventures (SNES)

Hey, that is a nice looking title screen, even if it is just a scan of the poster.

Even the LucasArts logo is out to get poor Indy.

Hey, it's a picture from the film! It seems like we're going to be following the story of all three movies, kind of like the Lego Indiana Jones games.

That doesn't look bad at all. Bonus points for not being a forest level.

I haven't got my whip yet for some reason, so all I can do is punch. But the whip is on the ground two meters in front of me so I don't see why I couldn't have just started with it.

Killing enemies with the whip makes them explode. Spiders, bats, fish, natives, everyone explodes.

The score floating off the corpses reminds me a lot of the Super Star Wars games. In fact, the whole thing has got a slightly Super Star Wars feel to it. Just like how the Lego Indiana Jones game is very similar to the Lego Star Wars games!

These guys can take two hits before they die, which I find annoying. In the time between hits, that enemy is walking closer and he's probably called in some bats as backup.

Those hooks on the wall are for you to whip swing from. And the little Indy face is an extra life. It actually says 'ONE UP!' when you pick it up, and I think that's awesome.

Indiana Jones bravely swings across a pool of water!

Oh damn despite all appearances, the whip didn't attach to the hook and I'm falling into the water!

Fantastic, it's not really a pool of water, it's a bottomless pit in disguise! Back to the start of the level again.

Jumping from perilously narrow ledge to perilously narrow ledge over a gaping bottomless pit of instant death. Again.

This is the part of the game which separates the people who've figured out there's a roll button, from the people who are stuck with their head in a wall.

That bastard stone mouth on the left of the wall was firing little darts at me all the time I was struggling to get in here too.

Hey, I got the idol! Now I can finally leave.

Oh SHIT, I remember what happens now.

Crap. Look how far right on the screen I am now. The game expects me to be able to react to obstacles and jump over them with that much of a lead time.

Oh, and if you hit even one it's an instant lose.

Don't even think about trying to get some more space to react either, if you're too slow the boulder will crush you and it's back to the start again.

And that is where Indiana Jones died. Game over.

It counts as a good ending though, because it means Kingdom of the Crystal Skull never happened. Also Indy was pretty useless in the Raiders movie anyway.

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