Friday, 11 March 2011

Hurricanes (SNES)

You can find my second look at the game here instead: Hurricanes (SNES) - Replay.

OH COME ON! This can't be another sports game? Please be a platformer, please be a platformer, please be a platformer...

ZOMG! It's a platformer. A football platformer! And I thought Soccer Kid was the only one!

Like the classic and well respected platformer Soccer Kid you use the ball as your weapon, kicking it at enemies to destroy them. Eventually. (It can take a few hits.) Weirdly if you let go of the attack button, the ball springs directly back to you horizontally.

Oops. I stood on a cactus and my ball popped. I thought the cactus was part of the background at first so I wasn't even sure why my ball had flown off. It's okay though because if you ever lose the ball, a new one will zoom in from above. To be honest I preferred Soccer Kid's magic teleporting ball myself.

WHAT? I can't kick upwards? In Soccer Kid I could kick any direction, balance the ball on my head, do overhead kicks, etc.

It seems I'm not the only footballer lost in the jungle.

Haha, now I have ball of steel!

Hey, the water didn't kill me!

You know, these graphics really aren't so bad. Sure the trees in the background look spray painted on, but I'm supposed to be focusing on the foreground anyway, and those colours are really nice.

WHAT, you can't hit this monkey at all? The ball just goes right through him! He can hit me just fine though, he keeps throwing stuff at me that knocks me back. He knocked me right off that wall in fact, the little bastard.

Blind jump into bottomless pit. Well, I think my time spent playing this has reached a conclusion.

It's reasonably well made, it controls alright, and the graphics aren't bad, but it's just not that fun to play.


Okay I'm probably just being nostalgic.

Next game.

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