Saturday, 19 March 2011

King Arthur & The Knights of Justice (SNES)


Hey, that looks pretty good. The castle more than the bushes. I guess this is Camelot then.

Oh really? THEN I HAVE NO TIME TO WASTE! Bye then!

You're determined to talk to me aren't you? Okay fine, what do you want me to do? Find two knights? Okay I can do that.

Wow, those two screenshots seem like exactly the right spacing apart.

It was at this point that I noticed something was up.

Sir... Breeze? I don't remember hearing about that one, though to be fair most of my King Arthur knowledge comes from Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

Also there's no way that guy can be from medieval England. Not with THAT haircut.

Okay, it seems we've got Sir Arthur, Sir Breeze, Sir Lug, Sir Trunk, Sir Darren, Sir Brick, Sir Phil, Sir Tone, Sir Wally, Sir Zeke, Sir Gallop and Sir Lancelot. This is clearly incorrect... as I definitely remember Sir Galahad should be there.

Wikipedia, help me out here!

Wikipedia | King Arthur & the Knights of Justice (video game)
The player takes on the role of a team of American football players who are transported to Medieval England and given the mission to save King Arthur from the sorceress Morgana. The game was the first Enix title developed by an American company, and was inspired by The Legend of Zelda series and various written works. It was received with reviews ranging from mediocre to extremely poor.
Well I guess it all makes perfect sense then.

There's a black knight, kill it! It seems like this is an action RPG. I've got slash and block, and an inventory. Those two other guys just follow me around and occasionally hit things.

This is giving me flashbacks to Monkey Island forest mazes. Except Monkey Island at least gave you directions.

Hmm, no, this doesn't lead anywhere... let's check the map.

Well that was no help. Also, either these people failed Geography, or this isn't set in England at all.

Okay then. Onwards, my brave knights! Into the OTHER DIRECTION!

Tired of all the pointless wandering around, the knights take a break to strike a pose. See how my health bar is almost exactly the same in every shot? That's because I'm a really good gamer there's nothing here to kill. Definitely nothing that's any kind of a challenge.

OH SHIT, WASPS! They came out of nowhere and they're chasing me everywhere and they've taken off half my health! They take ages to kill too, not like the knights.


Okay, we have found a damn cave entrance. And unlike the path blocked by fire, and the path blocked by magic, this one seems to be open. And it leads to a passageway!

Or we could just kill you. Wait, we can't? Well screw this then.

I give this game a rating of mediocre to extremely poor.


  1. Wow this revives a lot of memories. I really liked watching the cartoon series but I never got the opportunity to play the game. The game screenshots remind me of my Amiga500. Time flies......

  2. Yes although you're correct about the knights names being wrong in the aspect of actual King Arthur lore, this game was based on a Sunday morning cartoon from the early 90's

  3. Don't forget "Sir Not-Appearing-In-This-Game"


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