Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Musya (SNES)

Looks a bit arty.

This is our hero.

Stuff happens and he decides that he must go... into a series of levels. Each with ascending difficulty no doubt, and possibly punctuated by boss battles.

The game is a platformer and, hey GET OFF MY FACE. Damn flying things. The main stabbing attack of the pike is pretty lame, but there is another attack available to you...

And that's spinning the pike around, auto-murdering anything that comes floating into you. You're stuck on the spot while he spins it for a couple of seconds, and anything stupid enough to try to attack is quickly neutralised.

The gameplay isn't so great, the animations look awkward and the main character doesn't move around very smoothly... but I do like that spinning pike attack.

HAHA, taste spinning pike death, evil eyeball!

What, it just grows right back? Screw this game then!

Next game.

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  1. Fun Fact: "Imōto" means "little sister" in Japanese.


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