Sunday, 6 March 2011

Eye of the Beholder (SNES)

I'm half hoping they've turned it into a platformer. With bunnies and a forest level.

This was a montage in game, but I stitched it together for everyone's benefit. Our four heroes ready their weapons: Sword! Dagger! Arcane Magicks! Praying!

Oh it's gonna be like this is it? Fine, lets get it over with. Half the time when I try these early rpgs I spend more time going through character creation screens than actually playing the game.

Well that's great isn't it. We take one step inside and the entrance collapses behind me. I bet one of those rocks is going to come in useful later so I'm gonna nick it.

It seems like the controls in this are better than in Dungeon Master. The d pad turns instead of strafes making it more comfortable to walk around, and the cursor snaps to buttons. Also, it doesn't matter how much I try, I can't seem to injure my team by throwing them into walls.

This could go either way. In Dungeon Master I lost my best fighter to the first enemy I encountered.

Oh wait, I took him out pretty effortlessly. Seems like these guys are going to be pushovers.

Oh damn, maybe not when they're in a group. Okay lets see if I can manoeuvre my team into a better position....

Aw crap, now I'm facing the wrong way and they keep hitting me from the side. C'mon, face the right way! It's a little awkward to move and attack because you need to use the d pad for both, switching move mode on and off.

I knew this would come in handy. When you don't have the corpse of a team mate handy to weigh down a pressure pad, a rock makes a reasonable substitute.

Ew. I wish I hadn't bothered sticking my hand in it now. I gotta say though, red walls are much better than grey walls. The graphics in this are far prettier to look at than Dungeon Master's. Though I have a nasty feeling that the game might be one big sewer level incognito.

Ugh, I hate these things. They take just a little too long to kill, and they look nasty. P.Lump the Ranger needs to get himself a bow or a long stick or something, his attacks just aren't reaching the enemy.

Wow, I really lost a lot of health after those fights, but this is a D&D game so I should be able to sleep it off in an hour or two, right?

Hey that's still barely a week. It's good enough.

Okay, there's an arrow on the floor, a pressure pad, and a target. Pressing the target opens the door. Standing on the floor panel closes it shut. Well I could try and figure out how to get through. Or I better yet could play something else.

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  1. This wasn't bad for what it was, though. Let's be honest, old school dungeon crawlers weren't the most exciting video games ever made to begin with. It took until the creation of Diablo and Elder Scrolls III to really figure out how to make them gripping games. If you're a fan of AD&D though, this isn't a terrible game.


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