Thursday, 17 March 2011

Jeopardy! Deluxe Edition (SNES)

I'm guessing this one probably isn't a platformer.

Well I'm screwed. I guess the closest one I have a chance with is 'TV Trivia'. Pre-nineties TV trivia... I'm not going to do well here.

This is our host! I have no idea who that is, but I'm 90% certain he's the guy from the TV series. Probably.

I get to go first, and go straight for TV Trivia. Oh wow, you have to TYPE the answers out with the pad, one letter at a time. I was expecting multiple choice or something.

Oh, by the way I had a good reason for calling myself 'Batman'. Because you're only given 6 letters!

I was right! Immediately I take the lead. Because I'm Batman.

Uh? This might be even more difficult than I'd first feared.

AHA, my jRPG knowledge finally comes in useful.

Son of a bitch. Okay there's no reason to panic, this is only the first round. I can pull this back.

AGH, what the hell? Is this Evil Jeopardy now?

The new categories are just as bad as the first set... but, wait. MOVIE QUOTES! I may just be in with a chance here.

"Which creator of Blazing Saddles and..."
Batman: Mel Brooks!

This is all too easy.

Hah, I thought this was supposed to be a challenge.

Hitchcock, who else?

Oh shit, I ran out of time while being smug. Now someone else gets to answer it!

All my dreams of victory crash down in flames as the other characters get question after question right, while I sit there blankly.

Then at the end, a final ray of light...

Ugh, why do I even know this?

Well, I'd call that a success... I actually climbed back up into positive money before the end. It was down to -200 at one point and I hate it when I owe quiz shows money.

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