Friday, 18 March 2011

Kawasaki Superbike Challenge (SNES)

Hmm, not the worst title screen yet, but it's not exactly pretty. I can't figure out if that writing is supposed to be made out of glass or chrome.

It's funny how that looks so ugly, when the bikes are actually pretty well drawn.

Yay, I'm flying! Oh wait, I just pull a wheelie when I'm starting. Probably for the best really, a flying bike would have even less grip, I'd never make the corners.

Hey, where are they all going in such a hurry? This is an old school racer it seems, no mode 7 or 3d here. And I'm being left in the low tech pixelly dust by these assholes. Mostly because I'm having a little trouble staying on the track.

No I didn't switch to third person view, the first person has just gone flying off his bike. At 127 miles per hour.

Don't worry, he'll stop when he hits that sign.

What the hell? Who let these civilians onto the track? The way I ride this is going to turn into a bloodbath.

 Hmm, this tunnel looks a bit 3d. Also the sound gets all... tunnelly when you ride through. Which is cool.

I'm not very good with this corner. Fortunately I usually manage to crash into the red wall, and avoid messing up any of those tidy bales of hay.

Good afternoon citizens.

Yeah, I think I'd better stop playing this before it turns into Death Race 2000.

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