Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Mary Shelley's Frankenstein (SNES)

Another movie tie-in. But is it a shitty one?

Cool artwork showing Doc Frankenstein's lab getting the 2.21 gigawatts necessary to bring corpses to life.

Kenneth Branagh in his lab. Doc, if you're planning to bring that monkey back to life I think you may be wasting your time.

Was it really necessary to sew in that section of his face? Fun film fact: In the movie that this is based on, the creature was played by Robert De Niro, making this one of the very few opportunities you'll ever get to play as him in a game.

This is level one. It's set in Ingolstadt. I begin the game standing on some steps. It is raining. I have a stick.

These guys keep coming out from everywhere, apparently there's infinite of them and they're better at hitting me than I am at hitting them.

Agh, come on! Why can't I crouch shuffle closer to him or something? I could fire off a hadouken at him, but that actually uses my life bar as fuel, so scrap that idea.

I tried entering a door to see where it led.

Well that was interesting, let's see what's outside.

Oh, I'm back where I started, just next to a different door and surrounded by more enemies. That's just great.

Haha, I got one of them. Weirdly they evaporate into smoke when you kill them. Perhaps THEY'RE the real monsters (plot twist)!

Oh wow, my stick's on fire! It must have caught alight when I swung it next to that burning torch. Time to give those assholes some payback!

Oh wait, no, I'm still crap at this. RUN AWAY!

I finally got sick of people throwing shit at me from out these windows, so I smashed them up. I broke a door too while I was at it. This isn't actually helping me finish this level one bit though and I'm running dangerously low on health.

Screw it, I can't find my way out of here at all. I'm just going to roll down these stairs instead. Woooooo!

Wow, it turned out to be a bad game after all, who'd have guessed that?

Next game!

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