Saturday, 19 March 2011

Last Action Hero (SNES)

Hey, another movie tie-in! But could this one actually be good?

Were the seats that shabby in the movie? I can't remember.

HEY! This isn't right. He appeared in the back of a car in the movie. In daytime. They're ruining everything!

This is Jack Slater.

No, wait, this is Jack Slater. I don't know who that other guy is supposed to be.

From now on I shall instead refer to him by the name 'Jack Shit', to avoid confusion.

Jack Shit is not without moves, although he IS without a gun.

For one thing he can jump! He can't seem to do any attacks in the air but he CAN jump.

He can do an incredibly slow kick, which is far too slow to really be any use in combat. The enemies will just hit you out of your attack animation.

And he can jump up and do the splits. Which would be a fantastic move to use when surrounded, except that it's as slow as the kick.

So I'm going to stick to throwing punches. They don't have as much range as the enemies' attacks, but they're quick enough to hit them before they hit you.

Knife guys take six punches, bat guys take seven. You have to wait for them to recover each time before you can hit them again.

If the enemy gets too close, they can walk right through Jack Shit without him being able to lay a finger on them. I'm hamming the punch button, but it's just going right through him.

Of course if Jack Shit gets surrounded, you're going to want to manoeuvre him quickly to a position where you can attack all enemies at once, or else he'll be killed in two seconds. And that position, is here.

If they're not on screen, they can't hit you, and I'm a step away from the edge so they can't just walk through my attacks. But then another bat guy comes from the left and I'm distracted, and they kill me.

And then I get sent RIGHT BACK TO THE START.

No it's not a good movie tie-in game.

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