Saturday, 26 March 2011

Super Off Road: The Baja (SNES)

Another racing game. My joy is uncontainable.

Thanks for the advice, Captain Obvious.

Wow, this's a pretty atypical looking racing game actually. A bit rough looking, but definitely unconventional in a good way.

Aww look at that little quad bike. Isn't he a little too tiny to come racing on the big boy track?

Oh crap, you can kill them if you hit them. And you get BONUS points for it?

Negative points I mean. Whatever, same thing. I just see a big number on screen and suddenly I start getting ideas....

Got an orange one!


Oh that was a BEAUTIFUL hit.

Damn, I was so close!

-$10k, in case you were wondering.


Oh, and finally yellow! I think that's the whole set.

Then it's back home for trophies, ladies...

And music!

Okay It's not really anything amazing, but compared to all the samey F1 games I've been playing lately this was a nice change. Onto the next one.

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