Friday, 4 March 2011

Adventures in Formula 1 Gaming (SNES)

First up is:

Rock music!

Wait, what's BATTLE mode? I'm getting images in my head of F1 cars with Gatling guns.

This game looks alright, though it's hard to control. I keep hitting other cars and being sent spinning around. Also I don't like how I wasn't able to fit my name in. One letter short!

Lap 2! I might be in last, and I might have just been lapped by that red car, but I still think I can win this. How many laps are we racing anyway?


I didn't pack enough food or water to last ten laps, I'll die out here! ABORT.

Next game!

Oh hey, another racing game turned up.

Not sure they're the two most suitable pictures they could have chosen, but whatever

This is where players who actually have any money would spend it I suppose.

RACE! It's easier to control than the last game, and you get a better view of the track. It reminds me more of Mario Kart, I keep hoping I'll find a blue shell to pick up so I can get rid of that guy in the lead.

But it was not to be.

Still, second isn't so bad.

Next game!

What, another one?

Ew, what did they do to it? If that other game was Mario Kart, then this one is F-Zero. In a bad way. I keep bouncing off the sides of the track.

Man, I didn't even know that there were 26 cars on that track. I think they must have just invented 19 names and put them above me to make me look bad. Out of jealousy.

Well, enough of that.

Oh come on! I'm tired of racing, tired of life in the fast lane. The constant parties, women and paychecks... it's too much!

Okay fine, lets see this one then.

Wow, this one is a bit more retro. No clever mode 7 racetrack here, this is old school sprite racing. It also seems faster than those other games, though that just might be because I'm falling asleep...

Wait, oh crap I missed the start of the race! All the other cars have left without me. Look at them, disappearing off on the map at top speed while I'm not even up to 4th gear yet. Engines buzzing like a hum contest between lightsabers.

Oh well, it's probably only fair to give them a head start. I'm a racing veteran now after all.

First place!

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