Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Michael Andretti's Indy Car Challenge (SNES)

I apologise for the boring content of this game. I'm trying to be varied with my genres.

It's funny how these Formula One racing games all start to look alike. Still, it's probably one of the prettier ones on the SNES so far.

The object of the game is to drive around this road a few times, and try to be in front of all the other cars while you do it.

Overtaking is a bit of a pain in the ass in these F1 games, because hitting the car in front tends to really slow you down. At least it doesn't spin you around in this one.

I like the arrows that pop up on turns, that's definitely a nice touch. I'm not fond of racing games that are a bit vague with the corners, leaving you to crash into a barrier at 140 mph.

Yeah, I had trouble staying on the road in this one too. Though I think the way the cars handle is probably more challenging than unfair. But hey look at all those pretty sparks, and the grass flying everywhere... even in failure I am rewarded!

Complete the race sideways for bonus points. I wish.

Is she wearing a dressing gown?

First rule of name entry: There is always one less letter available than you need to spell out the name you've chosen.

But then there's R. Richardson above me, laughing at my tiny name.

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