Friday, 25 March 2011

On the Ball (SNES)

This is a football management game isn't it?

Wow I guess not.

The gameplay seems pretty simple, how it works is...

Uh... what she said.

Wow, she's so tiny. Is she a fairy? If so where's her wings, huh?

These are called timers, confusingly. Running out of time means game over, so these are a real threat.

Sometimes there are blocks too!

Goal in!

Aww, pretty.

This game is alright, not really my kind of thing but the level spins around smoothly and it seems to all work as you'd expect. Not much to say really.

This is weird though, you have to tilt the row of letters to change the direction they move in. Not the best name entry system I've ever used and it only lets you have three letters.

It called me skillful though, so I'll let it off.

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