Saturday, 12 March 2011

Home Alone 2 - Lost in New York (SNES)

Ah, this looks a little more professional than Home Alone 1.

As best as I can determine, that is meant to be Tim Curry. Maybe they deliberately made it look nothing like him, to save paying him money to use his likeness.

Hey, these two are more recognisable! But what the hell is up with their clothes? Reminds me of one of those magic eye pictures.

Game over... what, already? Oh I guess you have to start moving right immediately after the level loads or you get caught.

Hey it looks like they're going with the rare 'scanned photograph' style for this game. Definitely helps set it apart from the crowd. There aren't many SNES games that look quite this bad.

This is the definition of shitty movie tie-in, apparently rushed to market as quickly as humanly possible to get it on shelves while people still cared about the movie. In this case that meant releasing it a month BEFORE the movie I guess.

Hey, I got a dart gun! Which fires so slowly I'm almost able to catch up to the dart.

Giant playfield obscuring foreground objects... funny how they haven't shown up in any good games so far. A good way to get past this woman is to jump over her using the bin to the right side of every sofa (yep it's a different one in each screenshot... I think). Of course you can't SEE it, because someone put a huge post in the way.

Oh dear, Kevin's dead. Killed by a mop bucket. And look he's pulling the face!!

You know, I get the feeling I haven't even gotten near the really bad parts of this game yet. This is merely a prelude. A warm up. So I'm going to quit now... and hope they never made a Home Alone 3 game.

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