Tuesday, 8 March 2011

The Flintstones (SNES)

Is this based on the movie? Okay, I'm going to judge this one on its title screen. This one is going to be ASS.

YABBA DABBA DOO!! Okay, I admit it took me like three attempts to pull off the slide properly. The first time he just kind of shuffled off looking so mopey it made me crack up laughing.

That is actually a really nice looking scrolling background when you see it in motion, but what the hell is up with that jumping animation?

Oh come on, cheer up Fred! Sure you're animated really weird, but the graphics are generally pretty good. And at least you didn't start on a forest level this time, so come on let's go play the rest of the level, okay?

I'll let you wonder how long I was jumping around here before I figured out he could climb ledges. Ledge climbing is a cool skill for platformer heroes, I wouldn't mind seeing it more often.

That is a REALLY dramatic swing to hit such a tiny frog.

Oh dear, I died! Well I guess I have to stop playing now. I guess I'd have to watch the movie to learn why Fred can't even leave work without people trying to kill him.

Back to the game, or back to my cosy warm home... hmm?

You know, as a platformer this wasn't so bad. As a movie tie-in it was unusually competent. But I'd rather play the other Flintstones game, and I don't even want to play that.

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