Thursday, 31 March 2011

Pinocchio (SNES)

Well at least it'll probably be well animated.

The plot is introduced in this beautifully drawn storybook. I don't give a damn about the story though so I skip ahead.

Oh wow, that really IS well animated. There's nothing to do but jump around and take in the scenery really at this point, but it has nice scenery, and excellent jumping animation, so it's all good.

Jumping at these signs makes me spin around, so I can fly off into the air. Maybe it's a reference to something that happened in the movie, I dunno. I never saw the film.

Look at this little git, nonchalantly skipping along on his merry way, not even slightly bothered by the property damage he's causing.

Oh hey, it's a fairy. And she has sparkly stuff! Perhaps this was a health refill, I dunno.

BUT THEN, this guy turns up and leads us astray! Oh noes.

Meanwhile, while Pinocchio is busy being led astray, this guy is stuck on a lamp post under siege by moths.

There's no where to jump to it seems, I can't go up, I can't go down. I'm trapped on this tiny light until something happens I guess.

And these damn moths keep swooping around or hovering out of reach.

Nearly got him....

Oh, okay, seems like I just had to kill all the moths. Then I was back as Pinocchio, having to play Simon Says in this puppet show, copying the movements of the other performers.

If you do well, they throw pickups at you. If you do badly, you get pelted with tomatoes.

Ugh, why won't this ever end?

Finally we escape! This bit is pretty much a straight run to the right. Though I have to be careful of that guy's habit of throwing lit explosives behind him.

And then, this level.

The rest of the game has been a total cakewalk, but this level is just cruel. I have a fraction of a second to read the sign and do something about what it says before hitting the obstruction. I see an up arrow... maybe it means up on the d-pad, maybe it means press jump. It really doesn't matter, I'm dead before my brain can even register 'red arrow pointing up'.

Maybe I was supposed to slow down somehow, maybe there's something obvious I'm missing, I don't know. All I know is that Pinocchio's about to get his head taken off.

Next game.


  1. no matter how many times i get it right on the puppet theater with the russian puppets it keeps saying i messed up how do i go about beating it?

    1. I don't remember there being any trick to it, I just repeated the movements shown. I'm sorry, it's been over a year since I played it so my memory is fuzzy at best.

    2. For those who have the same issue, its the low kick that is the have to hold down on the d-pad and press the left or right kick buttons. This is how you do the low russian kick step dance steps...just norman kicks (where he spins his lower leg around) is not the right step.

    3. I was having that same problem at the puppet theater. I just relived it and was reminded of why I hate Stromboli.

      Also, Ray, you should definitely give "Pinocchio" a whirl. It's a really great Disney classic. The spinning signs have nothing to do with any references to the film. If there's any reference to the film, it's that the Blue Fairy can be a bitch. :T That, and Gideon throwing flower pots because I'm pretty sure he either threw one or got hit with one in the film. Oh, wait, no. Another reference is when Pinocch falls on stage and comes up with his nose stuck in the plank like the plank's his beard. He does that in the film- it's one of his cutest moments.


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