Sunday, 14 August 2011

Pu-Li-Ru-La (FM Towns Marty)

PuLiRuLa was originally an arcade game, then it also got ported to the Saturn, PlayStation, and PlayStation 2. But I'm going to play the FM Towns version because I'm curious.

The arcade version got an international release, but it seems that the home console versions only came out in Japan. So I'm just going to have to guess at what's going on.

This guy seems to be in charge of turning the big key.

But then, this guy comes and takes the key! Disaster.

Meanwhile, these two folks are meeting some kind of scientist guy.

And are given magic science sticks!

They don't seem too happy about them though. Or maybe the girl's just wondering if that's an actual diamond, and the guy's thinking 'Where the hell's my gemstone? How the hell am I gonna get any cash for this crap?'

I barely made it out of the guy's house before enemies descended upon the town. Evil boxer robots led by a deranged puppeteer (or maybe the puppet). Fortunately I have my stick to beat them off with.

There's not many attacks available. In fact there's only really two that I can find. Hit them, and hit them slightly harder. The trick seems to be to get in the right place to hit them, then jump somewhere else before they can hit back.

Pu-Li-Ru-La (Arcade)
It's actually pretty close to the arcade version so far. Other than a slightly thinner screen and no shadows I can't really notice much of a difference.

When enemies are killed they turn into animals, in this case dogs. Then I can collect the animals for bonus points! I'm not sure if it's a Sonic the Hedgehog thing where they started off as animals and were transformed, or if this stick just turns things into animals.

I went down a manhole and found that the guy from the intro has been knocked out!

I'm guessing it was these two that did it.

First boss fight... it's ON!

My strategy of running at them, then hitting them with a stick seems to be working out so far. I've lost half my health bar, but they're doing worse. I'm pretty sure I've won this.

Victory! I emerge from the manhole triumphant, only to find that everyone else in town has been frozen. I guess that machinery down there is what keep time running, and without the key there's no way to turn the machine on.

Seems it's up to me to find the key then.

Level two is starting to raise the difficulty a little. It doesn't help that I didn't get a health refill after that boss battle.

Pu-Li-Ru-La (Arcade)
The arcade version has reflections! Damn, that looks way better. A small touch but it adds a lot of depth.

It's actually really helpful to have the shadows or reflections, because they help me see where I need to stand to be in line with the enemies. If I'm not lined up right, my attacks aren't going to connect.

The second boss... is creeping me out. Though I think I can win this fight if I can start dodging that laser eye attack.

Fortunately I had an extra life! This time the enemy turned into a guy after I defeated it. Shame he only speaks Japanese so I still don't know what's going on.

Time to move on to level 3.


Pu-Li-Ru-La (Arcade)
The arcade version's even worse, as she swings around and kicks this guy's head at the screen.

The trick to getting through the giant legs is to wait until they're raised before moving.

Okay, what the hell happened to this game? I mean it was pretty weird to start with, but it was regular video game weird. Not... this.

Damn, I was killed by... vampire moto-unicycles? Fortunately I've got a continue!

Damn, these... uh... fuck, I haven't even got a clue what they're meant to be. Whatever they are, they're walking all over me. Time to call in some back up.

Puppy patrol strikes! I called in a stampede of animals using my magic stick. Now I've only got two of these magic attacks left though.

I'm not even gonna comment on that background. I'm not even seeing it.

Hah! The boss turned up, but he decided to stand right in the way of the last creature in my animal stampede... a snail. This thing travels so slow that it's wearing down the boss's health bar all by itself.

Ah, level four is a nice sensible normal desert. Well, relatively normal.

I think these enemies are awesome by the way. Not so much the way they keep hitting me, but their animation and design. There's another version of them that pulls out a straw and starts sucking up water from the cup that makes up their torso, so they can spit it at me.


I sort of washed away the desert. But it's okay, because the water doesn't want to cross into this town. I guess because time has stopped here as well. Perhaps each town has their own machinery to keep time running, that sounds like something that would make total sense.

I'm sure these robots are able to punch further than they used to. I'm having to do a lot of jumping.

Some nice music on this level I reckon. It goes well with the creepy monochrome background of the frozen town.

Okay, what the FUCK is up with that background? Seriously.

I'm just going to go. I'm going to take the game's advice, hit a couple of evil flowers, and I'm going to go.


Another boss defeated! This time the enemy turned into one of those key turners, and he kindly started time back up again for me. Not sure how he's not frozen in time but whatever.

Oh, right! I forgot about all that water I left parked outside of town.

It's okay though, the water contains BONUS FISHCREATURES. Also it's apparently taking me straight to the last level.


Aw, c'mon, stop killing my dude! I'm right at the last level, I need these continues to finish the game.


I've finally found the evil guy from the intro! And he has a world for a head. Hopefully not populated, because I'd hate to think I was killing off 6 billion people in this fight.

This guy's actually going down pretty easily. Well, easier than I was expecting anyway. I might actually have a chance of winning this.


I did it! The boss is defeated, the key is returned, and all is well.

And that was Pu-Li-Ru-La. A very simple game, with awesomely weird artwork. To be honest I think I enjoyed watching it more than actually playing it, though it probably gets better with a second player on screen.

Wait, WHAT? The guy just transformed into the main boss!

This guy's tougher than I remember. I'm doing a better job of avoiding his attacks this time, but he's still killing me a lot more than I'm killing him.

That was my last continue! I was so close... so damn close.


Well I didn't think it was much of a game, but I have to give it a gold star anyway. It's just so... unique, and imaginative and well made. I can't imagine I won't want to play this again at some point.


  1. Is the art as smoothly animated as it looks?

    1. Yeah, I'd say it's EXACTLY as smoothly animated as it looks.

      Here's a youtube clip of the game in action so you can judge for yourself:

  2. It's not often I can read about a game I've never heard of before. Neat! Loving the site, as always. Hope,it continues forever. Also, your list must be a million miles long at this point but I think you'd find Skyblazer for the SNES unique! (For a side-scrolling platformer) my favourite "obscure" title of all time.

    1. I haven't played Skyblazer yet? Seriously? Wow, that's definitely going on the list then.

      Thanks by the way, it's always cool to hear that I'm not wasting my time writing words under all these screenshots.

    2. I'd love to see it! Considering it made its way to the coast of Labrador (not sure where my buddy got his copy) I'm always amazed anyone has even heard of it.

      Nope, not wasting your time ever. Not as far as this guy is concerned. Merry Xmas and all that noise!


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