Sunday, 28 August 2011

Crash Team Racing (PSX)

You're jumping the gun a bit there aren't you Crash? Shouldn't we have the race first before you award yourself the trophy?

Hmmmm, nah too cute. I'll drive as Crash Bandicoot seeing as he's the guy on the box with the trophy.

This looks a lot like Mario Kart 64 and Diddy Kong Racing so far.

Yeah, that's Mario Kart alright.

Not that playing like Mario Kart is a bad thing. Mario and Diddy Kong are both Nintendo exclusive so it's only fair that the PlayStation gets a kart racer of their calibre.

And this definitely doesn't seem like a bad game so far.

Hey, I won! After spending a moment of celebration with confetti and trophies, it's back to the racing.

I drove around the map level for a bit and found a warp leading to the next race. Or a next race anyway, I don't know if you have to play them in order.

Lava, in a cave level? How unusual! It does look nice though.

I win again! No one cares.

Boo's Tubes? What the hell kind of name for a level is that?

This level look cool too. The whole game looks cool actually, it has very strong art design.

Got to... pull to the right... just a little further... and hit the... boost panel.

Ew, we're racing through bones. Wait, is that a painting of a dog on that undersea cave wall?

Does she have to stick her head that close to the camera at the end of every race?

It is a nice game, but it's not really grabbing my interest so I'll quit while I'm ahead.


  1. "Boo's Tubes? What the hell kind of name for a level is that?"
    A name for a level featuring tubes owned by Roo, what else?

  2. But... oh damn you're right, that's an 'R' not a 'B'. Well, fair enough then.


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