Wednesday, 3 August 2011

102 Dalmatians: Puppies to the Rescue (GBC)

I don't want to press start.

Cruella de Vil appears in the doorway of a dark and foreboding room, clutching a vaguely dog-shaped object.

With a few frames of animation, the young dog is dropped into a cage to await whatever dark fate de Vil has in store for it.

Then she abandons the scared puppy alone in his prison, trapped in total darkness and silence.

It's okay though. Through the power of animation, the dalmatian is able to just push the bars apart and climb out.

Get the key and open the cages, got it. Oh crap this is going to be another 'collect 'em up' again.

Well, I'm on a lift. Eight cages to open so I guess I should go do something about that.


I hope this is taking me in the right direction.

I've found a cage! But I don't have the key yet. Back to searching.

I have to admit, the character does move and jump around pretty well, I've got no complaints about that. It's just that I don't really want to be jumping around on lifts looking for a key in a maze.

Fortune smiles upon me! I have located the key, left lying on a girder. I guess it must have fell out of Cruella's pocket while she was... jumping on lifts, I dunno.

I guess this is a toy factory? That seems to be a tiny Cruella robot driving a toy car.

It should be easy enough to avoid, and I can take a few hits of damage...

But I'd rather blow the car's engine with my super-bark. By the time tiny robot Cruella gets that fixed (a couple of seconds) I'll be long gone.

Maybe at some point I'll be able to find a way to kill these enemies permanently, but somehow I doubt it. They won't even let me have that much satisfaction.

Still riding lifts, searching for cages. It wouldn't be so bad if the music wasn't actively trying to drive me insane.

I have found... a cage. This is ridiculous, maybe the game has a map or something.

No map screen here. Oh, 'pawsed', very amusing.

I pressed B to exit the pause screen like it says, and it threw up a message asking me if I wanted to exit the game. My heart said 'yes', but I'm too stubborn to quit just yet.


 Level two is more of the same. Get key, ride lift, open cages.

Even when I have a good idea where I need to go, I still have to find a way to get there. Lifts lead to other lifts, but they're all moving so it's possible that I can be in the right place to proceed but not know it because the next lift hasn't arrived yet.

And if I fall or miss my chance to jump, I have to sit and wait for the lift to come back.

Level three! Same crap, different music.

Sorry kid, but your freedom ain't worth all this effort. I'm sure you'll make a really nice coat though.

Next game.

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