Saturday, 20 August 2011

Tempo (32X)

Is his hair a bird?

He's a giant scaled up pixelly sprite and he's dancing while people rap his theme song.
Tempo, check it out y'know.
He makes it funky and he's good to go.

And now there's singing too.

It's not that bad though. I mean it's not DK rap bad.
The groove is outta sight.
Funky as you wanna be!

This is probably the level select. Probably.


OMG, that's just... so pretty. His animation I mean, this guy looks amazing in motion. Even if he's in a different perspective to the floor...

Oh shit I have to go inside a dog's rotten mouth? Why? Why would I do that?

It seems I've got a kick and I can jump on enemies to take them out, or I can throw musical notes to stun them.

There's so much contrast between the quality of the foreground and background art. The characters are some of the best animated art I've ever seen in a 2d platformer, but the clouds in the background are so pillowshaded that they just look like pillows floating past.

Visually it's a trainwreck, the background is way too busy, and the music is a really repetitive loop that is driving me crazy. But the gameplay is... pretty bad too. Everywhere I go seems to drop me somewhere where I take damage.

Avoiding the spikes means I fall further and take falling damage when I hit the ground. I don't lose that much off my health bar, but I don't really want to be losing any life.

Oh crap, he can hover? The level design makes a bit more sense now then.

I've picked up his girlfriend somehow. She is useful because she adds an extra track of melody to the music making it slightly less painful to listen to.

And then I died. But for some reason I want to keep playing. The little sprites are too awesome for me not to give it a second chance.

I picked a different level this time. Still not that great to look at, and those dudes on the background just keep stomping over and over in a loop, but at least we're not in a mangy dog's stomach this time.

Lots of jumping between platforms. If you don't hit those pads dead centre it's possible to fall through the edge, which is annoying.

And then you get electrocuted to death. And then quit, because this game is a pain in the ass to play and this looping music is really getting on my nerves now.

But damn those sprites are awesome looking. Next game.

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