Sunday, 7 August 2011

The Amazing Spider-Man: Web of Fire (32X)

Even I know that making a web out of fire is a really stupid idea.

Oh great he's posing on the logo, that's always a good sign. I love the animation here, it's really bad. It reminds me of those old stop motion dinosaur movies.

Suddenly, lasers! Well that explains the title screen. Apparently a group called Hydra did it and they're blackmailing the city for... ONE BILLION DOLLARS. In other news they've also captured Daredevil.

Wow, was this ported from the Game Gear or something? What the hell happened with the graphics? The music is even worse.

I have to admit though, it may be a little... unpolished, but it's fast and Spider-Man is animated really well. He moves quickly and flips around like Spider-Man should. I'm not sure if they 3d rendered him, filmed some guy in a suit, or maybe even used claymation. Either way he looks great in motion.

They got the web swinging right too, all you do to activate it is double jump. It does burn up a little webfluid, but you've got lots in this. If you fall off the buildings it's not an instant kill, you just appear at the beginning at the level with a little less health.

The combat doesn't seem so bad either. It's... functional. Though it's really annoying when I press crouch and punch, and just end up punching straight down.

Why did they even put that in? How often would I need to punch the ground?

You know what would be really awesome? If Spider-Man would STOP DOING THIS. If I try to move up now, he'll do a cool little flip and land right onto the spinning sharp metal fan blades. I have to get him to disconnect from the side before I can safely jump over.

Uh, I'm pretty sure there's ground down there. With any luck.

Hey I found Daredevil! This guy will come and give me back up now as long as I've got Daredevil emblems in stock. If I don't have any, he'll just sit there and ignore my cries for help. Sit there and watch me being beaten to death trying to single-handedly save New York.

Daredevil don't do shit unless he gets his emblems.

Action hero pose time! Calling in Daredevil apparently triggers a screen clearing super attack type of thing. It's hard to tell because I called him in on an empty screen and wasted an emblem.

Hey, it's the level one mission objective. All I need to do is wreck this device and...

Ow. I don't know who this character is supposed to be but I already don't like him.

Well tying him up didn't work, he breaks out instantly.

I like how the pause screen has two options: Pause and Daredevil. SAVE ME DAREDEVIL!!

Us heroes have one rule, we never kill! EVER. Well, we never kill humans anyway, big purple dragons get their torso exploded.

Level two is a power station. We're blocked in by these two towers at the moment, and have to climb up the sides.

Hilariously though, there's these things sticking out the side. If you jump too low...

You land on another one and get electrocuted. But if you jump too high...

You smack your head on one, same effect.

You have to jump and quickly webswing from the right height. And then do it again, etc. If you screw it up you get electrocuted and fall back down. Over and over and over. It's incredibly annoying, so I'm pretty much done with this now.

Oh wait, it seems you can just crawl past them. Well... crap. I'm still not playing it any further.

Despite the visuals and the lack of polish, this hasn't been the worst of the Spider-Man games so far. Up to this point it's probably somewhere in the middle I reckon.

But whatever, next game!

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