Sunday, 21 August 2011

Super Tempo (Saturn)

That is a really busy title screen. Hey, didn't Tempo have four arms in the other game?

Whoa, that's very different from the 32X Tempo game. Now all the graphics are as well done as the sprites, and it looks great. Tempo's lost his kick attack, he can't jump on enemies, and he doesn't throw music notes, but he can fire bubbles from a violin so it's a fair trade off.

Aww, it's a cute frog! HEY, you bastard!

Is this a river of milk? Fortunately Tempo can swim just fine.

You... you son of a BITCH! I'll kill you!
This is the first boss fight, and this guy seems totally immune to my violin bubbles.

When Tempo dies, his extra life jumps out of his old skin. And the skin sticks around for a bit which is creeping me out. Plus I still cannot figure out how to kill this asshole.

Oh! It turned out to be really obvious in the end. You just use your cow power.

And crush him with your huge muscles.

Next level. I've found a ghost donkey but I think I'll need the rest of the band to get through this door.

Or maybe I'll just go play games instead, hmm... Samurai looks cool.

I... don't get it. Okay FINE, I'll go ghost hunting.

I've found a chicken! Every new creature I collect adds an extra element to the background music. Fortunately the background music in general is far better than in Tempo, and this tune was bearable even before I started adding to it.

I found a door to switch characters and play as Tempo's girlfriend, who can use her flame thrower to fly up here to this clue. Hmm seems like the cat ghost is in the clouds.

Well it wasn't in this house, but I'll grab some extra points while I'm here.

I got all the ghosts, and unlocked another boss fight. This time it's... Red Riding Hood driving a flying cat, who sends swarms of sheep after me to send me to sleep. Whatever, I'm not even going to try and figure that out, I'm just going to violin her to death.

Plot twist, she was just a doll all along!

Well now that we've got the whole band together, they can play a tune while we ascend to the heavens on this clown hand.

And then I check out all the cool stuff I collected from those last levels. I got a mermaid, a camera, a cat, a couple of books... a table. How awesome is that??


This happens! I'm sure the Japanese text explains some of this, but I don't understand any of it.

Now Tempo's girlfriend must fly off in pursuit, collect cassettes, and shoot down the missiles aimed at Earth!

Shoot the numbers to make them lower. Get them to zero to blow them up!

Shoot the balloons to... oh crap it's that guy from Tempo again. Dancing in my background, like an asshole. The shooting sequence continues on to cars with Tron style smoke trails, and missile command where you have to dodge the explosions, and... I could have just kept posting screenshots of all of it. But I won't.

This game looks awesome, it plays great... well not great, but it's far better than the first Tempo and dripping with charm and wit. I definitely recommend this to anyone who likes platformers.

But I got shot down by a missile and lost, so next game.

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