Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Justice League: Injustice for All (GBA)

It's a nice title screen, but I think they went a bit too overboard with the sharpen filter. The characters are glowing.

Meanwhile, in space.

How the hell does he know that from a radio transmission? Can he somehow look through the solid metal walls of the space station and see them from orbit?

Oh wait, he's Superman, he probably can. Duh.

A level select, excellent. It seems that later on I'll be able to choose what order I carry out missions.

Oh wow, that looks really bad. Okay, time to find out just who is behind the robot attack, and put an end to their fiendish schemes.

I'm sure they didn't talk like this in the cartoon.

So wait, they knew Luthor was behind this attack before they left the space station. But instead of heading right to his skyscraper, they fly down to some street in Metropolis instead. And when they get there, they immediately decide to go to his building instead.

I'm playing as Superman. Well that's not a good sign, I'm not sure there's ever been a good Superman game. Only one way to find out though...

I've got laser eyes, so I can kill robots from half a screen away. But it's a shame I can't just fly over all the enemies and skip this whole section. I'm Superman, I should be able to fly any time I want!

Oh, okay, it turns out I can fly any time I want. Screw this level then, I'm going to just fly past it.

Damn, I hit a wall. It seems the only way through to LexCorp... is underneath!

I should probably stick to laser vison. It's like punching, except I don't need to be close enough to the enemy to get an exploding robot corpse in the face to do it.

Though on the other hand, I don't have to wait for my fist to recharge before I can use it.

It's the Lex Corp building, let's go!

A flying robot turret, breaking into the lift! This looks like a job for SUPERMAN!

Well Superman got shot so now it's a job for Wonder Woman. She's pretty similar in skills except she has a whip instead of laser vision.

Yeah, I wonder what's up with that. Why did they take the lift anyway, when they can both fly?

This reminds me of the first Robocop movie for some reason. Only no one was wearing bright green tights in that.

Wonder Woman put up a good fight, but in the end she was no match for Lex's evil technological monstrosity. And by her, I mean me.

I got it second time around though, using a deadly combination of disinterested button-mashing and jumping around.

Well done Lex, you've cunningly diverted us from sitting around in the Watchtower listening to the radio.

And now I follow the untextured 3d rendered aircraft and do some laser eye surgery on incoming missiles? I think I must have blinked and missed the explanation for this level.

Now he's doing it!

Very convenient.

Or maybe a bunch of people just found a way to get themselves a get out of jail free card. "I'm sorry officer but I don't remember anything at all. I don't remember robbing the bank, or even where I stashed all the loot! So I guess I can just go home then?"

Flash, you are one creepy son of a bitch.

To Gotham!

Damn, despite all my efforts I can't seem to put this fire out.

Okay, new plan... to the sewers!

Gotham sewers must be amongst the top ten most polluted sewers in the world, with all the chemical attacks done against the city each week.

And now I'm wading through it, getting hit by little... duck toys with hammers? I can't figure out what they're meant to be.

To get up this tunnel I need to jump from side to side, but these things on the wall keep knocking me back down!

Maybe I'm supposed to hit them as I'm climbing up, but I'm finding it hard enough just to keep him from losing grip.


Oh. I forgot I could switch characters to the Flash at any time. Now I just have to jump across to the ledge, and...

Actually, forget it. I'm through with this game.

There might actually be a good Superman game out there, somewhere. But this isn't it.

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