Thursday, 25 August 2011

Cobra 2 (Atari ST)

The music sounds like it's from an 80s anime or something. In a bad way.

Every time I go to type something about Darth Vader electrocuting that poor model, I catch a glance of the hero's portrait at the bottom right of the screen and start laughing instead.

Okay it seems that I'm controlling both characters simultaneously. I don't know what the deal with the sparkles and the grenade statue is, but shooting them isn't doing anything so I'll leave them for now.

Shooting enemy robots is definitely doing something though, and... sorry I just glanced at the guy's face again and forgot what I was going to type.

The bad robots look a lot like my good robot, fortunately there's no danger of getting them confused. Mostly because the enemies are vaporised so quickly they can barely make it onto the screen. And it's my robot vaporising them.

Shooting these statues is as pointless as shooting the grenade one.

Wow, I thought that thing would put up more of a fight.

I decided to test one my grenades out to see what it does. And it does that.

Back to wandering through this maze then I guess.

I walked into a few too many walls and now my characters are stuck together. Hey, another grenade statue, that gives me an idea.

Yeah, the statue seems to be a pick up to resupply my grenades, and maybe the other ones recharge my health.

I jumped on this rug, but it turned out to be the level exit.

Crap! It doesn't matter how much I shoot, I can't seem to get these balls to come off.

And that ends the story of space hero Cobra. He was eaten alive by a pair of alien balls. Or maybe it was that insect thing that got him, it's hard to tell.

I would have thought the robot could have carried on and rescued the maiden from Darth Vader alone, but it seems like she can't really be bothered now Cobra's dead.

I don't blame her really, that game was terrible.

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