Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Touring Car Champions (MS-DOS)

Released the same year as Need for Speed 2, Gran Turismo, TOCA, Diddy Kong Racing, Wipeout 2097 etc... but can it compete?

I've always hated that embossed transparent window style in games, it looks lazy.

"YOU ARE HERE"? Uh, no I'm not. I'm over here, in my car. I can see my dashboard.

Oh whatever, I'll play it your way game.
The background looks like prerendered video, with the car sprites added on top, and it's not always pulled off perfectly.

Wait, this is actual full motion video footage of the actual track! I've never seen that done in a racing game before.

Probably because it's not a great idea. It's like driving a little sprite car through Google Maps Street View, except I can't turn the camera.

Car sprite pile up! Wow, I'm in 14th place on the last lap. I think it's time for me to come to terms with the fact that I'm probably not going to win this race. But it's okay, because I don't care.

If I'm understanding that correctly, I came away from that race with -$22000. But at least I was given enough room to fit my whole name on the scoreboard for once, and that's what really matters. I'll do better on the next race.


This game only has one track? There's only one track in the entire game?

Next game.

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