Saturday, 5 November 2011

Adventures of Yogi Bear (SNES)

"HERE COMES YOGI!" the game yells, while this... face hurtles towards you out of the darkness.

Jellystone Park is looking pretty murky. I guess it's all forest levels from here on out then.

Hey it's a platformer! It seems I have a cake for my health bar and I'm collecting pocket watches. No idea why. This looks like a slippery slidey treacherous ice world, but Yogi doesn't actually slide around here at all.

Also it seems like I'm bringing flowers to life by walking past them. Weird.

Agh! Damn birds. Knocking me back mid jump and making me fall to my death. It's annoying.

There's a lot of jumping on floating picnic baskets in this, which is awkward because Yogi doesn't steer as well as he could. It's easy to miss even a simple jump.

Aww look at these cute little bunnies, frolicking in the snow!

Bunnies are the enemy and must be destroyed. Actually they don't die when you jump on them, they just run off. And thankfully never come back.

Son of a BITCH I hate these birds! Little flying assholes determined to drop me to my death so I have to begin the level from the start.

The birds win this round, but I'll be back!

Not really. Next game!

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