Saturday, 19 November 2011

The Wizard of Oz (SNES)

That's a fair attempt at reproducing the title card from the 1939 movie, though it doesn't look particularly amazing.

Dorothy spends another lazy afternoon napping outside in her low contrast cornfield camo dress, completely oblivious to the tornado tearing through the barn a few hundred meters behind her, even with her dog barking his little head off.

Damn I don't know what she must have been taking to sleep through that.

And now we go inside Dorothy's head to share her final drug fuelled nightmare before her fatal reunion with the ground. Or something like that anyway, I never saw the movie.

Well if you ever wanted to hear a terrible version of that 'We're going to see the wizard' song on a loop, here's your chance. I like how she starts spinning her magic wand around when she's bored though. Yeah I should probably do something then... hmm, lets go in that door.


Why won't my wand work, I'm hitting it over and over and this is horrible. Oh, I've got a kick attack too! Take that you plush bitch!

Well that worked, and I got myself a piece of butter for my effort. Or maybe it's a gold bar, I can't tell.

These lemons are assholes. They sit on the trees waiting for me to come by, then a frown forms on their face and they dive on top of me. I have to edge forward slowly to trigger them each of them one at a time, and they're all over the trees.

Bastard lemons. At least I picked up some ammo for my wand, I think that's what this yellow gem does anyway.

Man, this damn music is driving me insane. Rainbow Islands played 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow' on loop for the whole damn game and somehow that was less annoying than this.

Oh hey, there's a bone up there!

I'm sorry I complained about the music, I want the level music back, this is way way worse!

This puzzle is new though, I haven't seen anything like this in the games I've played so far. I've got to jump on the right letters to spell out a phrase, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade style. And if I accidentally jump into a space with no block, then the doggie falls to his death. Seems a bit much to ask from a little dog, but he does seem to be the brains of this partnership.

Go doggie go!

What? Emerald City cinema? Was that in the movie? Well now I've got to find a damn ticket I guess.

Oh there it is, directly above where I appeared after the mini game!

Brilliant, a door maze. Each door leads to a different part of the house with two more doors to choose from. And often killer furniture too.

And we're out of the forest level!

Seems to me we could skip a lot of that Yellow Brick Road and save some time, but whatever.

Oh crap, I accidentally went back to the first level again.

That's better. These birds creep me out, they just stare at me. And I can't use my kick attack in the air, so I guess I'll just leave them then.

Time to go jumping over a chasm, I hope that cloud doesn't blow me off.

Time to go walking over the rickety bridge, I hope it doesn't collapse.

Oh dear, it did. But I can jump on these rock pillars? That's pretty useful.

Aww crap, I got killed by a catctus. It seems she just floats away in a bubble when she dies. Well it is all just a dream I guess. OR IS IT?

And that's how the story ends. Dorothy never returned home. Fortunately she skipped out on all that singing with lions, scarecrows and robots though, plus all the damn monkeys, so it's a reasonably happy ending.

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