Tuesday, 8 November 2011


Another 3d submarine action game like Archimedean Dynasty?

Oh, it looks like side view 2d horizontal shoot 'em up with pre-rendered graphics. Man, they're are going crazy with the acronyms in this one. I'm in the U.S.S. S.T.O.R.M. collecting refill packs dropped by B.A.E.R.

Yeah, taste underwater laser death, sharks! I had to actually stop moving to do this, the ship is too close to the edge of the screen when I'm going forwards for me to react to enemies.

Well, I fired off all my ammo and then hit a dead end, about 2 or 3 screens into the game.

There's a pod here that I might be able to collect, but I haven't figured out how, and these damn sharks keep swimming out of the background.

The top path is filled with mines, so it's probably not a good idea to go charging in there.

I'd try shooting them, but I wasted all my laser ammo. Then I switched to a different weapon that doesn't fire forwards somehow and now I can't get it to switch back.

But I've figured out how to send out a diver! Sven should be able to grab that pod, right?

Damn. What's Sven good for anyway? Maybe he's got a harpoon gun I could go shoot the mines with.

Son of a BITCH! Sven is fish food.

Oh wow, the sub had a claw on it all along, I can just pick the pod up with this. Hey, I can probably pick the mines up with this!

It was actually working right up to the point where I exploded.

Next game.


  1. please me pasas ese juego realmente lo busque muchisimo tiempo

  2. I played this game in my Childhood.
    Please where i can download this Game?

    1. It doesn't seem to be on sites like gog or dotemu. All I can suggest is that you put something like 'storm dos 1996' into google and see where it takes you, though somehow I get the feeling you've already tried that.


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