Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Bubble Trouble (Lynx)

You don't tend to see many old guys with grey hair wearing a bathrobe as the protagonist in games these days.

"After a hard day's work at the local research institute you take home an experimental device that controls powerful sub-atomic particles."
And he immediately tests it out on an overflowing bath? Why, why would he do that? Just use the tap and turn the water off!

"You succeed in making it work, only to be sucked into a world of bubbles through an artificial black hole in your bathroom..."
I don't know what he was expecting to happen, but I presume it wasn't the creation of an artificial black hole. Or maybe he thought a black hole would soak up the excess water, who knows?

"Saved by a friendly air bubble, you must search for radioactive deposits to power up your equipment and return you home."
Friendly air bubble? Seriously?

The world of bubbles is creeping me out. With these red pulsating walls it looks more like he's been miniaturised and injected into someone's body.

This air bubble controls about as badly as you'd expect. It's difficult to start moving and just as hard to stop. Plus he bounces off every wall.

Damn! Spikes, the bubble's natural predator. I can theoretically fire bubbles towards these guys to blow them up, but it's not going so well in practice. The bubbles go in the direction I last pressed, so I have to be careful not to accidentally fling myself into the enemy while aiming.

Any contact with an enemy drains my friendly bubble's health until I can get away, so it's possible to drain huge chunks of life with a single collision And when the bubble bursts the poor scientist drowns.

So I guess I've got to go bouncing down these endless corridors searching for radioactive material or whatever the intro said. Maybe there's something important I'm forgetting.

Oh crap, yeah, I've got a scanner haven't I.

Excellent, now I know what direction to head in, I can keep bouncing down paths until I find the one that leads to the radioactive deposit.

There's lightning arcing through the water? That ain't good.

This game is a damn maze! I know where to go, but not how to get there. I keep running into dead ends, or paths that turn away from where I want to go.

And the scientist loses his final life, dying lost and alone in a bubble dimension. And the black hole in his bathroom probably went on to destroy the Earth too.

This game's way to depressing for me. Next game.

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