Friday, 18 November 2011

Toughman Contest (32X)

Wrestling, maybe?

So we're allowed to use hammers then?

T. K. O'Reilly, I get it!

(Actually someone had to point it out to me.)

There's no way I'm reading that mate. It'd probably be best if you just left.

That's right, get lost.

Oh! It's BOXING!

And look! A fist, gift wrapped in a red boxing glove, is being delivered to my guy's face!

Did that lion statue just move?

OW, unfair! I was looking at the lion you asshole.

Okay I think I need to figure out a new strategy here, maybe even learn what the buttons do.

Okay, round two and I've gotten a few punches in this time, but he keeps blocking!

And also hitting me in the face.

Dammit man, will you stop blocking my punches?

Also, look behind you... the lion statues are growling!

THAT's better. Now the tide is starting to turn.

The final round!

Now I can relax for a second, I've noticed that that background looks a little strange. It seems like they've mirrored it down the middle, and then added faces at random. Like that blonde woman floating in front of the green shirted guy on the right, or the guy with the moustache superimposed over the two headed blonde in the centre.

Now I'm kicking ass. I think I can actually win this.

Or at least leave an strong impression.

10s? Obviously these judges have been bribed!

Enough of this.

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