Saturday, 10 September 2011

Kikstart 2 (ZX Spectrum)

I'll be shocked if this doesn't end up involving bikes in some way.

I've already run into a small problem, I can't figure out how to use this menu.

Every letter I try to move the cursor, appears on screen under the word 'courses'. So I can choose my levels, but not play any of them.

Awesome, I got the game to start.

All I need to do now is figure out how to control this bike, before the AI player down there gets any more of a lead.

Just as I figured out how to make the bike go faster, I reach part of the track where I have to go slower. Now my unfortunate motorcyclist has impaled himself on the sharp end of a mud ramp.

Race two. I was 14 seconds slower to the finish line on the first race, but I can pull it back just as long as I can stop flying off my bike.

Well I was 49 seconds slower on race 2, but there's still plenty of races left. It seems that the trick to winning is to not fall off the walls.

Fortunately the AI racer isn't perfect either, he screws up just as often as I do... well maybe slightly less often.

But he probably doesn't know how to double jump to get extra distance from these ramps.

And the final race is mine! Though I lost the game by 73 seconds overall.

I want a rematch.

This is a nice feature. The game comes with a handy editor so I can make my own courses if I want to. Not that I really want to.

Haha, the guy's doing so badly on this run that his counter has run out of time and reset.

Usually the game resets the bikes after a crash to the next flat piece of land, but it seems to occasionally screw up if one of us crashes next to one of these fire jets, and respawns the player inside the jet of flame with no bike. Which isn't going to help his time.

Now I've got glitchy invisible pistons and giant phone boxes to deal with. Still winning though!

YES! I cross the finish line in first place once again. The game is mine.

Crap, it seems I have to be ON the bike when I cross the line.

Next game.

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