Sunday, 4 September 2011

Motocross Championship (32X)

I thought that I'd saved the picture wrong, but no those compression artefacts are in the actual game.

It was the era of purple and green, and photos instead of art.

Seems like I'm going to be spending most of this race in the air.

The power of the SEGA 32X! Low res sprites and jpeg backgrounds. The sound is equally unimpressive.

And they're off! Off their bikes that is. Everyone immediately crashes into each other. Though it seems that some of them have gained a bit of resolution.

To be fair it does move pretty fast, even if it isn't pretty.

Though I keep hitting other bikes and slowing down.

That map wasn't lying, there's a lot of jumps in this. But I think I've just learned how to punch! That should make things a little more interesting.

It didn't make things more interesting. I can't even hit a single person with this.

Wow, no wonder my guy sucked, he's called 'Loser'. Wait, that's not even me, I was wearing red.

You know, the graphics may have been a bit crap, and the sound was rubbish, and the gameplay might have been bad. But in the end, all that matters is whether or not I enjoyed it.

And to be honest, I really didn't. Next game.

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