Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Catwoman (GBC)

Selina Kyle finally gets a game of her own. It's the comic book version of Catwoman too, not any of the movie or cartoon versions.

The Halle Berry Catwoman game came a few years later and is apparently bad enough to 'make you want to drown kittens'. So I've got something to look forward to I guess.

In Gotham City... master thief Selina Kyle has a surprise visitor.

Talia al Ghul, daughter of eco-terrorist Ra's al Ghul has appeared with a job for her. Her father would like to possess an ancient crystal skull currently housed in Gotham City Musuem, and is willing to pay a considerable sum for its theft.

Wait, if Ra's al Ghul is arabic for 'The Demon's Head', then is she called 'The Demon's Talia'?

Wow, does she just live in that costume or something? Well I suppose that she could have just come in through the window in costume, only to find Talia waiting in her room.

The art in this cutscene is surprisingly good I reckon. Each picture looks like it could have been taken straight from the comic. Well, more or less. There are limits to what you can do with 18 colours and 160x144 pixels of screen.

Unfortunately for Talia, Catwoman is NOT for sale! At least not when people want her to steal something cat related.

And that skull does like vaguely cat related, I guess. Anyway, Catwoman has a sudden urge to steal it for herself and goes off to the museum.

Whoa, Catwoman can really jump. That must be around three times her height.

Well it seems that there's nothing to do in this room, though if I jump from the glass I could probably make it through that other hole in the ceiling.

Another room, another ceiling to jump through.

Hey, I found someone! Fortunately Catwoman has a few combat moves available. More than that poor guy had anyway.
These dogs seem to put up more of a fight than the security guards. Fortunately a good kick is enough to put them down. For a while at least. They're soon back on their feet and chasing me around again.

Whoa, how did I manage that? Swinging across the ceiling seems a really handy move but I can't seem to make her do it again.

Wait, didn't I knock this guy out already? Am I going around in circles here?


Ah, I can't have been here before, there's a full health pick up sitting here. Or maybe I have, and these things respawn...

Maybe this place has finally driven me mad and I'm just hallucinating it.

Oh come on, please climb up. I saw you climb up before, why won't you do it now?

Maybe I just imagined that she climbed up a ledge. This place is messing with my mind.

THERE! See, she climbs up ledges sometimes. I guess she only does it when she damn well feels like it. Like with the whip swinging.

Hmm, I think I have to jump straight upwards for it to work. If I come at the ledge from an angle she just won't grab it.

Rising claw slash! It really seems unfair to fight these guys because of how much better Catwoman is at combat. I've got kicks and claw slashes, all these guys are good at is getting knocked out.

Yes! I don't know how I did that, but it seems like the perfect time for it. I like her little somersault on dismount. She's actually pretty acrobatic.

She can even jump off the sides of walls. Though I'm not actually trying to do that, I just want to find a way out of this maze.


Catwoman also has a 'dodge into the background' move, handy for evading these floor traps.

It's a shame really. This seems like it could have decent gameplay with a few tweaks, but as it is I'm just not enjoying it at all. I just want to find the way off level one so I can be done with it.

Nope, turns out that this isn't the right way either. Maybe I've passed the crystal skull on display already and I just didn't notice it.

I definitely need to go find myself a heart pick up soon or else I'm dead.

Check out my awesome somersault through the electric security field!

Well okay you can't really see the electricity on this exact frame, and it's hard to tell what she's doing without motion. Kind of a rubbish screenshot really.

Though it does remind me to mention that enemies can drop health, revealing the secret of how I managed such a miraculous recovery after being 1 hit from death in that last screenshot.


I should have draw a map. I should have gotten out a damn piece of a paper, and a pen, and drawn a damn map. Because this is just ridiculous.

I bet I've only been going around the same three or four rooms too. Just continually going around in circles, like an idiot.


I decided to put poor Selina out of her misery, via a slow painful death by sweeping security trap. It was the most humane thing to do, for both of us.

Hey, at least I got a game over screen for my trouble! Again it's pretty nice art.

I am so done with this now. Next game.

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