Thursday, 29 September 2011

The Flash (Master System)

I think this actually might be based on the Flash tv series. Though that's definitely not the Danny Elfman theme tune playing.

There's no reason for this cutscene. It's just Flash shocking some poor van driver by running faster than the speed limit.

Oh no! It seems that the Trickster has taken over the city as the new mayor, and is stealing all the priceless gems!

The Flash is aghast.

Hey, this doesn't look too bad for a Master System game. The music's all right too.

Wow, he takes out henchman with a Tasmanian Devil spin. And then they explode.
Who the hell puts lasers on the roof of a building? Same person who put all the spinning Flash logos and the deadly traffic cone spikes I guess.

Springs and crushers too? This is a really weird city.

Oh awesome, they've got fire pits too.

Flash actually controls pretty well, and has a huge jump, but he's a bit... well, fast. It's making it hard for me to land on the gaps between fires without overshooting. Still, it's better than only barely being able to make a jump.

Crap, that little hooligan just threw a knife at me and now the Flash is dead. Shame I didn't get enhanced reflexes to go along with my super speed.


I had an extra life, but it made me restart from the beginning of the level. This level is pretty sprawling so I managed to go a different way this time and found this thing which filled up my red bar on the left. Which is obviously a good thing, somehow.

I don't even know if there's an exit on this level. Maybe I'm supposed to be collecting or opening all these red Flash boxes or something.

Hey, this box had a... thing in it! I should open more of these things when I see them.

Well that one had death in it. Suddenly I don't like these boxes much any more.

That other box turned out to be a checkpoint though which is nice. Actually no, that's not nice, that's a dick move! Planting the checkpoint in the same boxes that might explode and kill me, that's pretty harsh game design.

I reached the edge of the level, but it doesn't want to let me out. My box theory is starting to seem more likely.

Son of a bitch! The box exploded in his face, instantly killing him.

Or maybe he just got knocked out and tied up. Either way it's game over.


I ran out of time, and this thing started chasing me! It's better than instantly losing I guess, but I still have no idea where to go.

HAH, I dodged the exploding box this time, and then dodged the UFO chasing me. Because I'm the Flash, and I can do things like that.


Yes! I did it. I finished level one. It turns out that I don't have to collect the boxes, I just had to find the exit.

Is that... a pizza health pick up? What is this, a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game?

Hmm, I wonder which way I need to go now. It's nice to have some direction once in a while, because this game is way too mazelike for its own good.

Plus blind jumps are never much fun. Knowing my luck there's a fire pit down there. And henchmen throwing knives at me from either side.

Still at least I know what I'm doing now, I don't have to go box hunting any more.

I got boxsploded again. Game Over.

This started out looking like it might actually be one of the good ones, but in the end I can't say that I was impressed. Next game.

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