Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Justice League: Chronicles (GBA)

I'm just hoping it's better than Justice League: Injustice for All.

They have the resources and technology to build their own space station, but they're still stuck using low resolution monochrome crt monitors.

He routinely patrols Antarctica? What, there isn't enough crime to deal with in the rest of the world? He has to stop by to make sure the penguins are behaving?

But then suddenly!

This art style seems to work on the GBA pretty well. Though Green Lantern's face could use some cleaning up, he's covered in dots.

Yeah, the mental force of a million penguins all thinking 'damn man, put some trousers on'.

I'm disturbed by those mirrored mountains on the right.

Well if Martian Manhunter's disturbed by this mental force, we should probably go down there and beat up whatever's causing it.

Hey, there's a base here! Let's go invite ourselves in, punch everyone we meet, and then maybe later we can ask some questions.

We are soon attacked by goons with laser blasters. Fortunately Green Lantern knows space kung-fu.

Green Lantern glowing palm slam!

Enemies thankfully don't take many hits, though they're capable of inflicting serious harm on me if their attacks connect. They're nice enough to drop the occasional health kit though so it seems fair.

I switch to the Flash to take down these generators, while Green Lantern holds back the forcefields.

I'm sure that later on when they remember that Green Lantern can just fly over these obstacles, they'll look back on this and laugh.

These wall mounted turrets are annoying, I can never seem to find the right place to stand so I can hit them. I'd probably take far less damage just by leaving them alone.

It's nice to find a GBA game with proper pixel art graphics. It's not the best looking game I've seen, but it's far nicer to look at than Justice League: Injustice for All

Flash is way faster than Green Lantern. He darts around the screen and can punch more rapidly. Actually, why do I keep switching back to Green Lantern when I can stay as this guy?

Though to be fair if I double tap a direction, Green Lantern can run pretty fast too.

Come on, you're so close, just a little higher... oh screw it, I'll just go steal one from an enemy.

I'm guessing Killer Frost probably isn't one of the heroes with a name like that.

Every time this elevator moves, I get icicles crashing down on my head. Pretty shoddy construction work if you ask me.

Door opens, fight goons, lift moves down, dodge icicles, lift stops, door opens, fight goons...

Excellent, I'm finally out of the damn elevator.

Damn, no matter how hard I try I just can't seem to throw him over the edge.

Huh, Green Lantern has a shield I could have used at ANY TIME? Damn that would have been useful against those guys with guns at the start of the game.

Okay, the shield isn't so useful against the boss. Not when she's got her whirlwind defences up anyway.

Feel free to join in any time you want, Flash.

I'd better end this fast because I'm running seriously low on lives. Weirdly though it seems that Green Lantern and the Flash both have separate life counts, so I probably have one or two lives left for him as well.

What, she just flies away? Why don't I get to fly?

Oh wait, Green Lantern CAN fly! Well, I don't need to worry about scuffling with the riff-raff any more. I can soar above the carnage and let my buddy Flash deal with it all, now that he's finally decided to join in and hit something.

Or better yet, I think I'll play something else.

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