Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Justice League Heroes: The Flash (GBA)

Finally it's The Flash's turn to get a game. I hope he has more luck than Superman.

I'm starting to get the feeling this isn't based on the animated Justice League series like the other two GBA games, Injustice for All and Justice League Chronicles. Flash and Martian Manhunter are looking kinda weird there.

Robots are attacking Flash's home town, so he's racing over to sort them out.

Hey, this actually looks pretty nice. I like the art on those trees.

Okay, let's see what these buttons do.

Well that button brings out Superman... I guess I don't really need to know what the others do any more.

That's definitely handy. There's no arrows so I've been wandering around with no clue where to go.

It can be awkward to walk tiny Flash lined up in the right place to land a hit on enemies, because he'll only punch to the left or right. If I get caught under or above an enemy there's nothing I can do except walk away and try again.

Fortunately the A button makes him automatically race to hit the next enemy on screen (providing he's got a bit of distance), so getting him in position isn't so much of a problem.

There was an arrow pointing to this signpost, so I punched it and got a health pick up. How does that make any sense? Why am I being rewarded for wrecking my own city?

That robot has a very big sword.

Oh I'm sorry, did you miss me? That's because I'm over here now! I'm the Flash aren't I, you see? Fastest man alive.

No, don't bother to take another swing at me, by the time you've actually got that huge blade in motion I'll be over on the right hand of the screen punching your other friend.

Saving! Definitely better than passwords.

That Flash Tip sounds a bit ominous. I'm not sure I want to challenge anyone who'll only attack me when I'm collapsing in slow motion.

There's some nice exploding robot animations in this. The graphics are very nice in general actually (except for tiny Flash's dopey bouncy run). The music's great too, it actually sounds like dramatic superhero music.

Hey, what the fuck man? Quit hitting me back when I'm hitting you. You're supposed to be stunned and reeling in pain. At least give me chance to get out of the way.

I can't block and when enemies are close together like this I can't use my homing attack to dodge out of the way, so these guys are giving me serious trouble.

Fine, take ALL my lives! See if I care.

Actually in all honesty I really do care so can you all stop hitting me please now?

I got rid of those robots with two lives to spare in the end. I think I preferred fighting people really.

Regular humans are so easy to knock out that I can beat a guy up before the last enemy I punched has even hit the ground.

Or maybe they're not regular humans...

Careful Flash, I think this gorilla's smart enough to notice you're not actually holding bananas.

Wow, it's confirmed. The Flash has his brain in his foot.

I decide to use brains instead of brawn against this boss. My first move is Superman.

It knocks his hat off.

His first move is to beat the crap out of me. You win this round Gorilla, but it's not over yet.

Crap, now he's jumping after me and throwing benches at me!

And now he's climbing the walls AND throwing shit at me! And I've only got a tiny bit of health and x1 on the life counter left... hey there's some nice reflections on that floor.

Okay, no more staring at the art, I need to concentrate.

And the monkey goes down!

That sounds kind of awkward to pull off in the middle of combat.

Next stop, Gotham City. Where the sun never rises...

... and the streets are filled with lunatics in weird costumes.

Oh crap it's those damn robots again. And they've got Flash trapped in a corner and now they've beaten him to death. Well that's just great.

Maybe I should have tried using slow motion on them, I don't know. It doesn't matter now really, it's all over.

This is probably the best of the Justice League games on the GBA, and it's definitely the best looking.

I want to give it a gold star, but then I remember those damn pincer robots... okay fine, the game clearly isn't crap, so it can have a star.

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